Remember the Dutch National football teams ‘Total Football’ approach from the 1970’s, where each player was multi-skilled and could fill in for a teammate when they were out of position??

This was a revolutionary system which gave the team unprecedented success.

In striving to replicate this winning philosophy, we are developing a greater appreciation across differing disciplines. This breaks down the barrier between teams and promotes collaborative behaviours as well as greater comprehension of issues faced by colleagues within the business.

We firmly believe that to deliver a meaningful design that satisfies both the client, whilst still enabling the site team to build effectively, requires an understanding of the challenges faced in every department from preconstruction through to handover.

In a nutshell, to help build a winning team, get your staff to visit Estimating and understand how they stay competitive, get them to chat with Commercial to appreciate their constant battle with cash-flow and most importantly, if you work in design, get out on site and help build something!