facade Fix, the new division within NACW, has been set up with teams in London and the South to respond to business to business cladding problems. In the last six months this has included a £50K coping renewal, £160K fire damaged facade, £12.5K structural glass replacement on a 26-storey tower, £150K annual maintenance contracts, £250K facade renewal contract and a £1.2M ACM replacement works.We are working with a number of specialist cladding consultants to identify leaks and problems in existing buildings, as well as post completion defects where the contractor or specialist has failed or ceased trading.

The facade Fix team has extensive technical expertise with the majority of stick curtain walling and cladding systems, as well as unitised cladding/glazing systems. We are focussed on a quick response and delivery service and we work across all sectors dealing with contractors, private businesses, landlords and clients.

Contact us on info@facadefix.co.uk

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