D1D2 Wood Wharf

Client: Canary Wharf Contractors
Contractor: KFK
Architect: Allies & Morrison
Sector: Commercial
Project Value: £1.7m
Location: London

Project Scope:

Aluminium Windows
Aluminium Doors
Ground Floor Curtain Wall


Schueco/ KFK Windows
Schueco FWS50 Curtain Wall
Plant Area Composite Panels, Doors and Roofing


This impressive office building was to be constructed using offsite modular construction methods, with NACWL providing labour at the pre-cast concrete facility to install Schueco Curtain Walling and EPDM into the concrete panels. These were then craned into place by the pre-cast contractor, and spandrel panels and finishing flashings were installed from cradles.


NACWL assisted in the offsite manufacture of units. Once on-site, we carried out completion detailing such as cover caps and joint flashings, along with infill works, where required. This was done via a series of cradles. NACWL installed the ground floor curtain wall complete with bespoke feature details.


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