Planned Maintenance

We work with commercial property owners and managers including Student Accommodation, Hotels, Schools and Universities to carry out planned proactive servicing and maintenance of Windows, Doors, Glazing & Curtain walling. This includes gasket replacement, lubrication, cleaning of water drainage, adjustment of opening vents and replacement of worn parts.


Remedial Works

Repairing a damaged or dated facade can drastically improve the overall value and appearance of your building. Whether you’re considering upgrading a building facade for purely aesthetic reasons or you’re looking to address specific building or structural issues we can tailor a solution to suit your project’s time and budget constraints.


Insolvency Contracts

When contractors have either ceased trading or fail to complete their contracted works, it is likely that any warranties and obligations for dealing with defects are lost. This type of scenario often creates an immediate requirement for the necessary technical and practical resource to react quickly and establish a full recovery plan. NACWL are experienced in these type of ‘rescue’ situations and we are able to offer immediate help and advice to clients who find themselves in this unfortunate position. We rescue projects and buildings where previous contractors can’t.


Facade Investigation and Survey Report

We offer tailored inspection and survey services on curtain wall, glazing systems, rainscreen cladding and other forms of façade reporting to our clients on:

  • Survey of Condition – highlighting areas of deterioration and risk and including recommended remedial works.

  • Water ingress – often combined with water testing, we will find the cause of water ingress and recommend appropriate remedial works.

  • Structural problems – Loose cladding, missing fixing, corrosion, damage caused by weathering, damage due to high winds and dangerous cladding which has already fallen from a building. Again, recommendations on appropriate remedial measures will be made.

  • Opening up survey’s

  • Combustibility Investigations – working alongside client fire consultants and other fire prevention measures in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document B.

  • Thermal Reports – Our reports are comprehensive, often containing a schedule of defects, which allows our clients to reliably plan and cost remedial works, which we can do.


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