Client: International Data Company
Contractor: Special Projects as Principal Contractor
Sector: Commercial
Project Type: Investigation



Our client is a large international data centre provider and one of their facilities has some coordination issues between the cladding and the M+E services. The data centre fit out was carried out some time after the construction of the main building. There are clashes between the duct work and cladding structure which reduce the free airflow of the M+E installation and fire integrity of the external facade.

Special Projects Proposal

The project is multi phased with initial survey work to the facade of 1,400 SqM to establish the location of all of the ductwork and where it clashes with. This required confined space works, work at height, and the dismantling and reinstatement of the facade along the length of the elevation. We then produced a full set of CAD as built records. Stage two is to establish a re-designed cladding solution and then to carry out the works to the building which are ongoing.

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