Client: Heathrow Airport Limited
Contractor: Lakesmere
Sector: Aviation


The installation, management and access was encapsulated within NACWL ‘s package; Lakesmere began discussions and planning with NACWL some 18 months prior to the first steps taken on site. NACWL played a quintessential role in their tender process, whilst working close together with Lakesmere’s design team. NACWL assisted in all of the access requirements including weight issues, specialist lifting gear, plant and logistics; this included the H&S management and the unique conditions of working next to one of the busiest runways in the world. London Heathrow Airport opened its revivified Terminal 2 in June 2014, portraying the completion of an £11BN investment program inaugurated in 2003.


The revitalized Terminal 2 designed and built for the increased demand gained at Heathrow airport. The Terminal designed with the long term view of being extended and later replacing terminal 1. NACWL employed under subcontract to Lakesmere Ltd from the concept to completion and was enlisted to install the Schüco FW80+ bomb blast capped curtain wall to the feature “eyebrows” on the wave form roof. It endured the test rigs in Germany as the curtain wall is designed to be enhanced to withstand the pressures generated from detonated devices

Due to the nature of the system and its unique layout, many challenges were realised. The glass was tilted to such an angle that glare wouldn’t be an issue and that to create the “eyebrow” shape a series of raked transoms needed to be installed in sequence. Early planning and coordination with Lakesmere and the client paid dividends as NACWL were able to help plan and streamline the operation to everybody’s desires. The level of H&S further propels NACWL to a whole new level and all the practices and regulations had to be there in which was included in all of the contracts.


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