Recladding Solutions is a dedicated division of NACWL focusing on upgrading existing buildings to the highest level of quality, compliance and safety.

Backed by experience, attention to detail, high-quality service, accreditations and insurances.

Our experienced team will be able to assist, develop and complete the refurbishment of your projects.

There are thousands of residential buildings across the UK being identified as posing a dangerous risk to residents, with many requiring urgent remedial works we are here to help.

The UK Government has introduced a major piece of legislation – The Building Safety Bill (BSE) once passed this will affect developers, owners, managers and occupants of high risk buildings.

NACWL can ensure all remediation works carried out by us comply with the regulatory guidelines and safety standards.

Clients choose us for our technical knowledge, proactive approach, and ability to solve complex problems resulting in key repeat business. With our in-depth knowledge of leading glazing and facade systems, we can ensure we add value to our clients.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced facade professionals undertakes work in London and across the South East of England. We are passionately customer focused and work closely with main contractors, end clients, facility management contractors, and developer aftercare managers to provide tailored solutions. Whether you are looking for reactive remediation works, or a scheduled replacement of a complete facade, we are here to help.



  • A fully insured industry-leading building safety and remediation contractor

  • Offering clients a specialist recladding solution with building safety the priority, capable of quickly and safely delivering all types of recladding projects, in line with all funding, building control and customer needs.

  • Same wealth of experience, attention to detail, high-quality service, accreditations and insurances that our main NACWL works offer

  • 20 years of experience in facade solutions

  • Operating as a principle contractor or specialist sub contractor


NACWL take a very pro-active approach to Building Safety. It is our commitment to this especially important aspect of the business that has underpinned our success and continues to be an increasingly integral part of our professional image.

We have 20 years proven experience within the specialist facade sector and for our ability to succeed in some of the most challenging projects ever commissioned. Using our team’s 20 year in depth knowledge we know how to make your building compliant and safe for its residents.

5 Step Approach


Our works are underpinned by our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.